Fostering Madness

1. Malice Everlasting

In which three unlikely friends investigate of a medical oddity, leading to confrontation with an ancient evil

The adventure began when Teddy Chiselbottom, a wealthy scion of Arkham and Veronica Masters, a mysterious singer attended a brunch at the home of Prof. Eugene Brannigan in Kingsport, MA. At this brunch a newspaper article chanced to catch Teddy’s eye, and the group learned that a number of men, including Eugene’s friend Simon McDonald had fallen suddenly blind. After visiting Mr. McDonald, the trio decided to investigate the situation on his behalf, and set out for Congregational Hospital.

It was on the way to Congregational Hospital that they first met the charming if somewhat dim Ollie Mattocks, an inquisitive paperboy, who took an interest in their investigation, and offered his to keep an eye out for suspicious people around the hospital.

At the hospital it took some fast talking and a bit of bribery, but the investigators not only gained access to the doctor in charge of the case, but were able to interview some of the other blind men. At this point, a notion of Eugene’s that these men all belonged to old Kingsport families led the party to conduct historical and genealogical research at the Kingsport Library and town clerk’s office. The investigation took a dark turn, however, as first the librarian died of a heart attack in front of the investigators, and then as the investigators found the mutilated body of Wanda Drake in her office. After being questioned by Chief Tristram Crane, the investigators left the town hall via a back alley where they were confronted by four Children of Y’golonac, which they fought off with their bare hands. This gruesome investigation had cost the life of two public servants, but had at least given the investigator’s some new avenues of investigation. They knew that the blind men had all been the last decedents of a group of men who had brought a warlock named Matthew Chandlier to justice in the 1600s. They also learned that Chandlier’s home was burned to the ground, and that the site is now the home of the infamously haunted “Funt House”.

After acquiring firearms for their self defense, the investigators continued their investigations at the Kingsport Historical Society Museum, where they met the elderly curator Aaron Hart. In the attic of the museum they found a description of the trial of Mathew Chandlier, who not only took credit for several murder’s but claimed to be a follower of a god called Y’gollonac. They soon noticed that the room was filling with smoke. On the way out of the burning house, they found Mr. Hart unconscious and decided to try and rescue him. However on the stairs they were confronted with a Fire Vampire, a being of living flame. Cornered in Mr. Hart’s bedroom, Eugene defeated the Fire Vampire by dousing it with a fishtank, but not before the being of pure flame dealt a devastating burn to the professor’s left arm.

With Eugene in the hospital, Teddy and Veronica went to interview the last living decendent of the minister and which hunter who had captured Matthew Chandelier, Wallace Appleton. The charming Mr. Appleton provided the investigator’s with the Rev. Appleton’s bible, which he used as a diary, and with a family heirloom, the Amulet of Damietta. While visting with Mr. Appleton, he too mysteriously fell blind. Teddy spent the night reading the Rev. Appleton’s diary, in which he learned that Matthew Chandlier’s severed hand, if it still exists, could serve as a anchor for the warlock’s soul in our world.

The next day, Eugene checked out of the hospital against doctor’s orders, and the group went to the Funt house, where they met Norma Farr, an obese nurse, who claimed that the houses owner, Julia Pine, was away. After Norma departed, the group made use of Veronica’s hidden burglary talents to break into the house and search it. In the house they found evidence that connected the resident of the house to the cases of violence and , and also that this person had secured a berth at the Cabbot Warf. In the basement, they found the catatonic form of Julia Pine, and a horrifying temple to Y’golonac. Soon a pitched battle ensued with the temple’s guardian’s, more of the horrifying children of Y’golonac. Just as the investigators were turning the tides against the inhuman monsters, Ollie Mattock possessed by the evil warlock armed an armed with a large caliber pistol, joined the fray. Teddy was able to use the Amulette of Damietta to drive the warlocks spirit from the boys body, and the group was eventually able to defeat the guardian beasts.

Leaving the house with the comatose Ollie, who turned out to be named Ronnie Pine, his mother and a twelve volume set of the Revelations of Glaaki, the investigators returned to Eugene’s house where they attempted to make Pines more comfortable while they figured out what to do next.

After re-arming themselves, the investigators went to Cabbot Warf where they were confronted with sight of Norma Farr transforming into a manifestation of the Great Old One Y’golonac. The investigators eventually dispelled the manifestation by hitting it their car, and finishing it off with their fists, but not without a cost to their bodies and minds. They found the warlocks missing hand, and after more discussion than perhaps it warranted, they destroyed the hand breaking the curse of blindness. The pines were surreptitiously brought to a hospital where they eventually regained consciousness with no memory of the events of the past several weeks.

The investigators tried to return to their normal lives, and Eugene Brannigan began a study of the Revelations of Glaaki.


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