Fostering Madness

3. The Sanatorium

Blood and Sand

Everything started peacefully enough. Dr. Timothey Ages, Veronica Masters and Eugene Brannigan had dinner at Teddy Chiselbottom’s and made plans for their “vacation” to visit Dr. Ages’s friend Dr. Aldus Brewer, at his sanatorium on North Island. Dr. Ages shared the contents of a recent letter, where Dr. Brewer mentioned a bird enthusiast (Mr. Shelly) was also camping on the island, and that he had a new assistant, Lucian Sinclair, who would be joining him to help with his “collective unconscious” research. Dr. Brewer’s letter also made reference to some unusual new discoveries he had made related to an “archetypal form” personality in one of his patients, an ancient Pharaoh. Over cocktails they made plans for what to pack, and made arrangements to meet at the dock two days hence.

Upon arriving at the dock, the investigators met the captain of the boat Ebeneezer (a resident of North Island) and Lucian Sinclair, the new assistant to Dr. Brewer. On the ride over, Lucian Sinclair and the investigators started a fast friendship. Lucian also cozied up to Ebeneezer, and persuaded him to show us his tattoos from around the world, as well as a medallion given to him by a fellow sailor. The medallion was recognized by Eugene as an Elder Sign, which is was referenced several times in the Revelations of Glaaki. Its powers to ward off evil were known to Ebeneezer as well. Soon the cliffs of North Island were looming on the horizon, and Ebeneezer hastened to make landfall.

After mooring up at the pier, Ebeneezer showed the investigators the way to the sanatorium, and returned to bring up the luggage. Knocks on the door were answered by Blanche (one of the patients), who apologized for the “mess in the library” and invited everyone in, and Leonard (another patient) who made violent gestures and comments towards Veronica until Eugene scared him off. After that, the investigators went to the library to relax, where they met Darleen (another patient) who was quiet insistent that everyone be quiet, and that something was wrong in the living room. To keep Darleen calm, everyone moved on to the living room, where the body of Catherine (the nurse) was lying on the carpet. Leaving the living room, the investigators, lead by Lucian, persuaded Darleen to tell them that she hadn’t seen Dr. Brewer since dinner last night, and that Darleen should follow them for her own safety.

Wondering what could have become of Dr. Brewer the investigators proceeded to search the upstairs, where they eventually found him, dismembered in his office. In his safe was a book of poetry by one of the patients (Alan Harding) and a medieval tome called the Castro Manuscript. At this point Dr. Ages, who had been looking after Darleen, took his leave and went to bed in one of the guest rooms. Lucian gathered up the medicine for the patients, and the investigators went downstairs.

Eugene and Teddy were concerned that their luggage had not arrived yet, and went outside to find Ebeneezer. In the meantime, Lucian and Veronica proceeded to hypnotize Darleen and through her spoke to an ancient Pharaoh named Princess Annephus. Eugene and Teddy eventually found Ebeneezer at the pier, dead from an ax blow. Eugene now certain that evil was afoot, searched for their luggage only to find it smashed to splinters. They hurriedly returned to the sanatorium and rejoined the others.

After their grim discoveries and cryptic conversations with the dead, the investigators explored the first floor, handing out medicine and discovering the body of Bobby Birch, his neck snapped. As they explored, they also encountered Melba McAdams, the maid, still alive but with her legs dessicated by some mysterious force. She was in the laundry room, and the back door was blown off its hinges and the door frame had scorch marks. A few minutes after discovery, she passed on.

Undeterred, the intrepid investigators went down to the basement, where the rooms for Dr. Brewer’s research patients were. They left Darleen at her room (which she had been quiet insistent about), explored the rest of the basement giving out medicine as they came across other patients. One patient, Alan Harding, seemed to be particular disturbed, almost as though he had come in contact with something dark and evil. Soon, Blanche was ringing the bell for dinner and everyone did their best to have a nice meal given the circumstances. After dinner, the investigators retired to their rooms, and read into the early hours of the morning from the tomes they had discovered that day.

The next morning, Blanche prepared a passable breakfast, and the investigators (except Dr. Ages, who was still resting) proceeded to explore the island. Taking the high road, they came to an unholy altar, on which a dismembered Mr. Shelly lay. The sight was so gruesome that Lucian started to nervously make a sign on himself when things were tense. Barely keeping their wits about them, the investigators pressed on till they reached the lighthouse overlooking the North Island cliffs. There, Teddy encountered some sort of a living cloud of bubbles, dust, light and madness. In one touch it left him drained and dessicated, and would have killed Teddy were it not for the Elder Sign he wore around his neck. The investigators retreated, leaving the being locked in the tower by the sun.

The next course of action was clear, return to the sanatorium and prepare for battle. The investigators used the lower road this time. They encountered the wreck of the S.S. Abysmal, and acquired another Elder Sign from its hull. Shortly there after, as they were leaving the camp of the late Mr. Shelly, Charles Johnson (the orderly) attacked them. He was clearly possessed by the being in the lighthouse, and Teddy quickly drew the magic Amulet of Damietta. But it was no good. Before Teddy could dispel the evil, Charles smashed his ax into Teddy’s shoulder. As Teddy lay on the ground barely conscious, Veronica was able to use the amulet to free Charles. Lucian rushed to Teddy’s aid, but his dubious help wasn’t enough, and Teddy Chiselbottom of the Arkham Chiselbottoms died there in the sand. Heartbroken and angry, Eugene, Lucian and Veronica carried Teddy’s body and the unconscious Charles back to the sanatorium.

In the afternoon sun, Eugene, Veronica and Lucian prepared to destroy the being that had taken their friend. Armed with gallons of gasoline, seawater and guns, and protected by the Elder Signs and Ra, they returned to the lighthouse in the late afternoon. They proceeded to set the lighthouse on fire, driving the being inside out into the daylight. Once out in the open, they attacked the being with all they had, eventually using the Elder Signs and the remaining gasoline to drive it into the sea, killing it for good.

With Ebeneezer dead, and the boat destroyed, the remaining investigators took care of the patients on North Island until rescuers came looking. Lucian Sinclair did not continue on at the sanatorium. As the story ends, Teddy’s funeral drew to a close, and his butler Peterson was skimming though the Revelations of Glaaki, wondering what had truly befallen Teddy Chiselbottom.


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