The Revelations of Glaaki

Mythos Tome


Notes on Reading the Revelations of GLAAKI

Volume One:

Tells of Glaaki’s arrival on Earth and the subsequent cult that grew up around him. This volume also contains a small amount of information on Tond and the other worlds Glaaki visited.

Spell: Commune with the inhabitant of the lake

Volume Two:

Details the worship of Glaaki and the correct times and words for the rituals. The later part of the book is a particularly disjointed section dealing with an affliction known as “The Green Decay”. There is also a small amount of information on the Aklo Sendings.

Spells: Green Decay

Volume Three:

Most of this volume focuses on the seals that bind the “Berkely Toad” (Byatis) and those that brought the former to earth. A large section is dedicated to the words and formulae used to channel the sleeping deity’s power.

Spell: Commune with the Berkeley Toad

Volume Four:

This volume focuses on Eihort and his brood. Also contains several incantations and rites used to “commune” with the White God. The Tomb Herd are also briefly mentioned.

Spell: Commune with the White God

Volume Five:

The majority of material relates to astronomy and the effects of certain star positions. Also features a number of prophecies foretelling the coming of Groth the Harbinger.

Spell: Commune with the Harbinger

Volume Six:

Tells of a hamlet where the villagers perform rites to Black Shub the Great Mother. A number of chapters focus on an object known as the Moon Lens and the creature it summons forth.

SPELL: Commune with THE BLACK GOAT OF THE FOREST, Obscure vison

Volume Seven:

Describes the Shan and their lost civilization. Their worship of Azathoth is also remarked upon along with a number of speculations on how the Insects harness the limitless energy of the Ultimate Chaos to power their temples.

SPELL: Doorway to the sleeping Fool

Volume Eight:

Contains information on a number of other planets across the universe. Among those mentioned are Tond, Yuggoth, Shaggai and L’gy’hx. The first part of this volume focuses on the Beings of Xiclotl and other servants of the Shan.

Spell: Manifest and Command Vegetal Ally

Volume Nine:

This volumes deals with a number of other dimensions that encroach on our own. Particular sections include one on the Gulf of S’glhuo and one another on the time travelling priests of Daoloth. Pages 2057 to 2059 contain instructions of how to build a machine capable of opening a Gate into the plains of sound.

SPELL: Open/Close to The Render of Veils

Volume Ten:

This volume talks about something called The God Cancer, which tries to break into our dimension from its own. Three thirds of the contents of this volume deal with protective signs and spells. It is also called M’Nagalah, and is described as “a bloated, tentacled mass of eyes and entrails”

Spell: Commune with the God of Only LIfe

Volume Eleven:

Talks extensively about the Crystallizers of Dreams and their abilities. The latter part of the book focuses on the rituals required to activate the Crystallizers and project the user’s mind into another dimension. There is a cryptic note in the margin of one of the pages, which mentions something called The Ei’lor Fronds.

Spell: A recipe for brewing something called the “Dream Drug”.

Volume Twelve:

The Twelfth volume of the Revelations was written from the dreams of a man who lived up on Mercy Hill (possibly Roland Franklyn) and sold to a used bookseller for a pittance. While focusing mainly on the return of the Old Ones and the rise of Rlyeh, this volume also contains a section on the Great Old One Y’golonac. Readers must be cautious of these passages since even reading Y’golonac’s name can summon him. In said section a reader can finds several spells relating to an artifact known as The Hand of Y’golonac.

The Revelations of Glaaki

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